Omnikey 3621 specifiche tecniche

Host interface
Host interface USB 2.0 CCID 1
(also compliant with USB 1.1)
Transmission speed 12 Mbps (USB 2.0 full speed)
Power supply Bus powered

Smart Card Interface
Standards ISO 7816 &
EMV2 2000 Level 1
Protocols T=0, T=1,
2-wire: SLE 4432/42 (S=10),
3-wire: SLE 4418/28 (S=9),
I2C (S=8)
Card size ID-1 (full size)
Smart Card interface speed 420 Kbps (when supported by card)
Smart Card clock frequency Up to 8 MHz
Supported card types 5V, 3V and 1.8V Smart Cards
ISO 7816 Class A, B and C
Power to Smart Card 60 mA
Smart Card detection Movement detection with auto power-off /
Automatic Detection of smart card type /
Short circuit and thermal protection
8 Pin handling C4 / C8 supported
User Interface
Status indicator Symbols in display (for ready /
card operation / secure mode)
Different Display Languages Based on LATIN character set
Customer specific logo or label On request
Customer specific colors On request
Supported APIs
PC/SC driver (ready for 2.01)
CT-API (on top of PC/SC)
Synchronous-API (on top of PC/SC)
OCF (on top of PC/SC)
SPE-API (Secure PIN Entry, on top of PC/SC)
PC/SC Driver Support
Windows® 2000 / XP (32bit), 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Windows® CE 5.0 / CE.NET / CE 6.0 (depending on hardware),
Windows® XP 64bit, Windows® Vista (32bit / 64bit), Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit), Linux®,
Mac® OS X (10.5.x Intel)
Hardware Specifications
Color Two-tone grey
Dimensions (LxWxH) 140 x 80 x 50mm
5.51” 3.14’’x 1.97”
Weight 173 gr / 6.1 oz
Operating temperature 0°-55°C / 32-131°F
Operating humidity 10-90% rH
Composition ABS
Connector cable 180-200 cm / 70.9”-78.8”
Durability 100,000 insertions
Meantime between failure (MTBF) 500,000 hours
Microsoft® WHQL³
EMV² 2000 Level 1
ISO 7816
USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Common Criteria EAL 3+
GSA Fips 201 approved product list
1 = Chip Card Interface Device   2 = Europay®    MasterCard®    Visa®    3 = Windows® Hardware Quality Lab    4 = Homebanking Computer Interface