Omnikey 3111 specifiche tecniche

Host interface
Host interface Serial RS232 COM port
Transmission speed 115 Kbps
Power supply PS/2 Keyboard adapter
Smart Card Interface
Standards ISO 7816 &
EMV2 2000 Level 1
Protocols T=0, T=1,
2-wire: SLE 4432/42 (S=10),
3-wire: SLE 4418/28 (S=9),
I2C (S=8)
Card size ID-1 (full size)
Smart Card interface speed 420 Kbps (when supported by card)
Smart Card clock frequency Up to 8 MHz
Supported card types 5V, 3V and 1.8V Smart Cards
ISO 7816 Class A, AB and C
Power to Smart Card 60 mA
Smart Card detection Movement detection with auto power-off
Automatic Detection of smart card type
Short circuit and thermal protection
8 Pin handling C4 / C8 supported
Other Features
Status indicator Dual color LED
Standard mounting options with standard standing base Includes adhesive attachment pad and vertical mounting option
Reader Board Also available as PCB
Customer specific logo or label On request
Customer specific colors On request
Heavy standing base (vertical and horizontal card insertion) On request (approx. 98 gr / 3.46 oz)
Jumbo standing base (vertical and horizontal card insertion) On request (approx. 435 gr / 15.34 oz)
Supported APIs
PC/SC driver (ready for 2.01)
CT-API (on top of PC/SC)
Synchronous-API (on top of PC/SC)
OCF (on top of PC/SC
PC/SC Driver Support
Windows® 98 / ME, 2000 / XP (32bit), 2003 Server
Windows® NT 4
Windows® CE 5.0 / CE.NET (depending on hardware)
Windows® XP 64bit (AMD64, EM64T)
Windows® Vista (32bit / 64bit)
Embedded Technology
OMNIKEY® Smart@Link Chipset
Hardware Specifications
Color Two-tone grey
Dimensions (LxWxH) 80 x 67 x 28mm
3.15" x 2.64” x 1.1"
Weight (reader only,
reader with standard standing base)
approx. 110 gr / 3.88 oz
approx. 141 gr / 4.97 oz
Operating temperature 0°-55°C / 32-131°F
Operating humidity 10-90% rH
Composition ABS
Connector cable 180 cm / 70.9”
Durability 100,000 insertions
Meantime between failure (MTBF) 500,000 hours
Microsoft® WHQL³
EMV² 2000 Level 1
ISO 7816
1 = Chip Card Interface Device 2 = Europay® MasterCard® Visa® 3 = Windows® Hardware Quality Lab 4 = Homebanking Computer Interface